School reading challenge

Today we are very pleased with our first four children who have gained their 2nd school reading challenge certificate and book. They all read every night at home. Well done and keep going 😊

Class Superstar

This weeks class superstar is a lovely little girl who is always smiling. She tries her best with all her work and has beautiful neat hand writing. Each letter is the correct size and formed perfectly. Well done, keep it up 😀

Class Superstar

This week our class superstar has been working on his pencil control and is having a good try at copying words. He has also shown us how clever he is with number work. Well done, keep it up 😀

Pe lesson

This term in our pe lessons we have introduced the children to the climbing and balancing equipment. The children can move around the hall and choose to balance along the beams, climb onto stools, walk along benches or jump off tables of varying heights. They are also taught how to climb down safely if they can’t jump due to it being too heigh for them.

Class Superstar

This week our class superstar is a lovely member of our class who has grown with confidence since starting school and has widened her group of friends. She has also been working really hard with her number work. Well done 😀